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Sensodyne Clinical White

Brand World, Design Finalisation and off-pack activation


Pack Finalisation & Brand World

Danone Go Slo

New Brand: Disrupting the Ice Cream category with a local jewel

Danone Danonino No Added Sugar

New Sub Brand: Bringing adventure and imagination to children's yogurt


Brand Refresh & Campaign: Reinvigorating and bringing new relevance


Brand World & Campaign: After their new rebrand, creating a personality and tone of voice to match

Rani OMJ

Sub Brand Creation & Packaging: A juicy new positioning for the UAE market

Bayer Iberogast

Internal Brand book creation: 5 week turnaround for design intent, procurement, design and print

Trafalgar Coach Tours

Brand Refresh: Reviving Trafalgar Tours

Fridge Raiders

Visual Identity System: Reframing On-the-Go snacks

Coca-Cola Woah

Social media interface: A new way for drinks to relate

Ashley Henry

Creating Ashley Henry

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